A voyage to Asia onboard Kuröbota

Written by Michel García Cruz
Inveterate traveller and expert taster

The first impression when you enter in Kuröbota for the first time, is to be in a ship’s hold that has just sailed out in the center of Palma. Immediately the smells, and later the flavors, transport you to the very heart and essence of Asia, onboard a restaurant which wood and iron decoration reminds you lively to an old Asian boat crew, from which you feel part of, as an incredible and adventurous voyage through the ocean, one about food and feelings dedicated to Asian gastronomy and way of live and cook. The calm atmosphere, the studied mixture between natural elements like plants and iron bars, the correct lights and the exact relaxing and inspiring music opens for you the doors of knowledge to experiment in your own skin the exquisite details of a very elaborated and updated cuisine. For an experimented traveller and a expert taster like me, was a really good surprise to start finding as soon as with the starters, the same colors, textures, shapes, flavors and above all, smells, like in any traditional izakaya in Japan, for instance. The exquisite prawn chips, the kimchi soup or the tartar salmon are very good proof of that.

And then the voyage continues with a tender red wine, served delightfully by the main chef, sorrounded by the rest of the crew, always keeping an attentive eye on the needs of the client, both in Spanish and English, which is a great asset nowadays in Palma with its cosmopolitan atmosphere everywhere. The flavors and smells festival continues with the main dishes, such as the seabass ceviche (with the incredible mixture of coconut milk), the fried won ton with mango, the ramen Kuröbota with shitake, or the unexpected and appreciated jabali cooked in low temperature, with kimchi guiso and Korean sauce, which reminds you that the Asian gastronomy not only consists in sushi, boiled vegetables or salads.

And everything with the possibility of looking outside through the circular windows on the walls, like in the deepest part of a ship that continues sailing in an enduring & discovering experience, while the life keeps running in the near and quite square. We haven’t noticed that the cruiser has reached an end with the desserts, because their intention is just to let you again with your open senses to the new sensations: the raspberry fusion cheescake (my favorite I have to say), or the white chocolate sphere with togarashi and azuki so magically assembled to be disturbed with your impatient spoon.

But the trip, as I said before, hasn’t done anything else but to start. The flavors and the ship-in-movement ambiance just keep in your mind even in the next days, in which I continued to rethink my several visits to Japan or Korea, and the great and exquisite time I found in Kuröbota, together with the surprise of not having to travel further to enjoy a voyage to the center of the way millions of people live and dream: the incredible Asian gastronomy. In Kuröbota restaurant, Plaza Progreso, Palma.